Editorial by Guy Mokuhô – October 2019

Editorial by Guy Mokuhô – October 2019

Editorial Guy Mokuhô – October 2019

Ko shin is the attitude of the mind we must attest in zen.

Ko shin opens up from the sincerity of our meditation practise and from our real understanding of the bodhisattva ideal and Buddhist values.

Ko shin is the spirit parents and grand parents have towards their children and grand-children. It’ s a spirit of kindness and benevolence which gives without searching for profit and restricting oneself. Whether they are poor or rich, parents have the same feeling of love towards their children. They are careful and patient ; they give, teach, transmit the best of themselves. They are protective, keep danger away and willingly make sacrifices without even mentioning it.

Without Ko shin there is no authentic practise, and the bodhisattva realization cannot be separated from it.The Buddha put this virtue ahead off all others as it lightens up the entire universe :

« Benevolence is this freedom of the heart which embraces all paths in the brilliance of its splendour. In the same way that at the end of the rainy season the sun rises in a clear cloudless sky and let its brilliant light absorbs all darkness, in the same way that at the end of a dark night the morning star shines in its glory, no practise which permits spiritual progress has the sixteenth part of the value of benevolence, as it embraces them all and bursts into light ».

Let’s learn and practise together this primordial virtue. It completes and impregnates Ogu •