Ten Bō Rin Association Membership

Created on 27th Feb 2004, the objective of the Ten Bō Rin Association is to allow “setting in motion the Wheel of the Dharma” in our lives. It’s an ambitious goal but it is profoundly human, since it is from the practise of zazen that we develop a spirit of non-profit, free from selfishness, which strengthens our faith and allows us to actively engage in benevolent relationships which aid and facilitate an openess with others.

The Ten Bō Rin Association organises and proposes:

  • sesshins or longer sessions in the Soto Zen Tradition
  • Fuse Weeks at la Gendronnière or in dojos,
  • Teaching sessions on topics surrounding the Buddhist tradition of Soto Zen.
  • sessions of activities related to practice (correct food preparation/choice, voice and singing, calligraphy, etc. …)


Membership fees are €20 per calendar year from 1 Jan – 31 Dec

If you would like to become a member of the Ten Bō Rin Association, you can complete the form by following this button! (english version hopefully available soon!)

In the mean time –  this is a an English Document which will advise you on how to use HelloAsso in French

**NOTE** We are using the « helloasso » platform – which asks for voluntary donations – each time as you are about to confirm you payment, you will be asked to pay an extra donation as a participation fee to this platform.

There is a default amount of €15 – however, you can simply modify the amount to ‘0’ and not pay it if you do not wish to do so.

Membership by Post

If you wish, you can pay by cheque (French cheques only please) or International Money order payable to Ten Bō Rin

And send your membership fee to:

Association Zen Ten Bō Rin
Centre zen de Lanau
15260 – Neuvéglise
Tel No : 0033 (0)4 71 20 95 86

Sangha Tenborin