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The Song of Zazen – Kusen Booklet by Guy Mokuhō

Many practitioners have wanted for years to reread the kusen Guy Mokuhô Mercier. Here is the first booklet of these teachings. Old given kusen has been formatted for easier reading and grouped by themes. Several other booklets are in preparation and will be published soon.

These booklets are currently only available in FRENCH

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Teaching in the dojo during meditation is called kusen (ku: the mouth, and sen teaching). It is a way of guiding the practitioner, not to go farther, but to protect him from himself and allow him to enter the heart of silence, even beyond words. It helps one to accept and surrender, blending into the living of the present moment.

Kusen gives the impulse to explore what is alive in the body and mind. One must lead the practitioner to see, feel, listen, perceive, look within him or herself without relying on usual mental patterns. It makes it possible to get out of the confusion of personal stories and to effortlessly find the silence that heals. It teaches the meaning of grasping and rejection and the letting go that everyone needs to be embraced by the zazen heart.

The Booklets

There are four booklets of kusen available,

Le Chant du Zazen (the song of zazen)  (€18)

La Présence Silencieuse (Silent Presence) (€18)

Reposer Dans le Non-né (Resting in the unborn)(€20)

Ogu: Donner, Recevoir, Transmettre (Ogu: Giving, Receiving, Transmitting) (This one is new!)(€18)


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