Ten Bō Rin Zen Association


The Ten Bō Rin Zen Association gathers together practitioners in the Soto Zen Buddhist Tradition who desire to practice the Buddha Way together and wishes, through action, to take into the world, a spirit of peace and concrete aid to those who suffer.

Guy Mokuho Mercier, Zen Monk, close disciple of Master Deshimaru, is the founder of this Association.

Ten Bō Rin means “To turn the wheel of the Dharma “. In Buddhism, this means teaching and transmitting the Dharma, the universal law as well as the doctrine of the Buddha. This is done from a personal realization based on the Buddhas teachings, the practice of zazen, meditation, and the giving of oneself to the service of others.

The Ten Bō Rin Association, founded in 2004, has as its object to promote and to teach the practice of meditation and the teachings of the Buddha and Zen Masters, with respect to the tradition of the Soto Zen school, such as transmitted for 2500 years by a continuous line of Ancestors and established in Europe by Master Taisen Deshimaru.