Staying at the Lanau Zen Centre


Staying at the Zen Centre of Lanau is a chance to encounter the Way of Buddhism transmitted by Master Taisen Deshimaru and to discover it in daily life with the monks, nuns and lay people who have been practising together for many years. To share the daily life of the residents, communicating and having discussions with them on the foundations of the teaching of Buddha and the Zen masters is a rare opportunity  and one that is hard to find in today’s world.

Different forms of stay are possible.

Sharing stay

Visitors will share with the residents, all the activities which contribute to making daily life possible for the community ( kitchen work,management, housekeeping, maintaining the green spaces, the kitchen garden, the buildings …) and will practice at the sesshins or activities organised by the Centre. They  will benefit from a private space for the whole of their stay.

Monks, nuns and simple practitioners of zen who are past retirement age and who would like to continue to practise in the heart of the community ( Sangha) are very welcome . They can participate, according to their financial, physical and mental capacities to the obligations of communal life. Those who have the means can also contribute to the capital and so bring some financial aid to the ongoing project that is the Zen Centre of Lanau.

Discovery stay

Every person who would like to understand zen and the objectives of the Centre can also stay there for shorter or longer times. They can be naturally integrated into the activities of the Centre (samu) and thus into the practice, the rythmn and the rules.

Renewal stay

It is also possible to choose to stay at the Zen Centre to do a retreat, whilst devoting onself to activities for personal renewal : writing, reading, research, private work, walking, relaxation.

Tariff at the Zen Centre

  • for stays with samu : 25€ per day per person.
  • for renewal stays : 45€ per day per person

Adjustments can be made according to personal circumstances. Fuse ( gifts) are welcome.

For civil responsibility and as a sign of commitment , it is necessary to be a member of the Association Tenborin ( 20€ a year)

For all information, please contact or Centre Zen de Lanau 15260 Neuveglise 04 71 20 95 86

Daily life at the Centre.

A typical day.

7.00 – Zazen
9.30 – 12  samu ( communal tasks)
12.30 – communal lunch
14.30 – 17.00 samu or activities, work or teaching
18.00 – 19.00 Zazen
19.30 – Communal dinner or free time

Sunday and Monday are rest days.