Renovation of the Small Dojo at the Lanau Zen Centre

Renovation of the Small Dojo at the Lanau Zen Centre

Renovating the Small Dojo at the Lanau Zen Centre

– A Call to the Sangha! –

It will soon be the two summer camps in July and August, and we look forward to seeing you again in Lanau to practice together.

There will be a big surprise: the association’s committee has decided to renovate the small dojo by rebuilding walls and floors and improving insulation (to be able to use it more economically this winter). The work has already started!!

This project stimulates us to move forward despite the difficult economic circumstances. It is for the dojo that we make this effort because it is the heart of our practice. According to the options chosen (including a removable floor covering) the total budget is about 4000 € (which includes financial assistance to Frédéric, resident of Lanau)

The finances of our association having been weakened in recent years, we appeal to your generosity so that this achievement will be an encouragement for all to come and practice under the best conditions.

The Lanau Zen Centre remains one of the few Dharma places in France capable of gathering a large sangha. We continue to take care of it as long as we have custody.


We are counting on you and hope to see many of you at the next summer camp!