New Study Room At Lanau – March 2022

New Study Room At Lanau – March 2022

The Study Room

Some of you may have known this room as one full of a jumble of bits and pieces, others will have seen the frightening concrete chainsaw cut through its walls, still others have painted and laid electric wires in its most remote corners and others finally helped to assemble hundreds of screws and pieces of wood and transported tens of kilos of paper wisdom from the old library.

But all those who have seen the new space are unanimous: it is a particularly successful place. Beautiful, sober, functional, welcoming and, as icing on the cake in these difficult times, easy to heat. The new study hall was born. This is one more step towards the development of this level of the building after the redesign of the reception area.

The next step will be to complete the renovation of the vast reception hall, which is currently austere, dimly lit and heavily underutilised. The site will open with the return of sunny days.

The Lanau Zen Center lives. Certainly by struggling bitterly in a difficult context, but Lanau lives and even lives well. Thank you to all those who take part in the work and to all those who, by their even occasional presence at sesshins, seminars and other summer camps, give meaning to all this.

Sangha Tenborin