Lettre de Guy Mokuhô – Mai-Juin 2016

Dear friends of Tenborin and Lanau,

The Zen Centre of Lanau was created to respond to the spiritual evolution of many zen practitioners, in the face of a deterioration, which has become very obvious these days, in many aspects of human values, economic, political, social, ecological …..Selfishness and violence are everywhere put in service to profit, thirst for power, blind beliefs. Human beings have lost the sense of whatever it is that makes them sensitive and generous. Mankind plunders and destroys the Earth which has been given to uplift and help human beings to fulfil their shining and joyful nature, their destiny as Buddha.

It is a collective enterprise founded on compassion and love, generosity and sharing, benevolence and a fair vision, which alone can restore this slow degradation in which mankind is sinking, without even realising.

It’s the same motivation that took seed in the mind of Gautama Shakyamuni, who became Buddha through an unwavering practice and the ardent desire to find the Truth.
Today, the same fact of universal suffering gives birth to our own inner impulse towards the Truth of Being and through this also the freedom of all beings.
We come and sit down facing the wall, we practice attention, kind words, disinterested service, silence, not to acquire awakening and spiritual benefit, but simply to Be that which we are in our immense and loving nature. And we need to put this into practice in our everyday lives.

The Zen centre of Lanau has been acquired and develops to allow the Way of Buddha to be revealed and taught in this world. We need everybody’s help to realise this huge objective.

‘The Way is beneath our feet.’ Our only preoccupation is to make it exist, in all our movements, our actions, our words and our thoughts. When this manifest at each moment, this Way is so close that there is no longer the slightest difference between ourselves and the activities of the world, so intimate that it becomes mixed with our own breath. It is as much an individual task as a collective one, of which each practitioner takes account in front of the wall , with the others, together in the silence of the Mind.

The two summer sessions which we are organising at the Zen Centre of Lanau are a unique moment to access our own splendour and thus to show our love for this world and its beings.
Come and realise the ideal of the bodhisattva and create the silent and shining response which lights up delusion and come to the aid of all those wandering in darkness.

See you soon.

All my best wishes

Guy Mokuhô.