June 2015 Newsletter – Guy Mokuhô

Dear friends and members of Tenbôrin,

The essential quality of our Buddhist practice is the opening of our heart. This is Shin in Japanese.  : .

We should receive the Dharma of Buddha with all our heart and we should pass it on with all our heart to all those to whom we love and to all beings. This is the meaning of Zazen, to give and receive, without seeking to obtain anything for ourselves.

It takes courage to keep the gift of Dharma safe and to preserve its purity, despite our egocentric nature and the injustices and sufferings, which are present everywhere in the world of today.

To open our heart to compassion (which is already inside) is the natural fruit of our practice of meditation and of the attitude of benevolence which we should develop for ourselves and for others. We can only do it in an open relationship, in listening and welcoming others unconditionally and the sangha is the treasure which permits this exchange which is completely free of personal gain!


Tenborin is organising two summer camps, from the 5th to the 13th of July and from 15th to the 23rd of August.


Two ango, during which we will come back to the peace, which is our Nature, in the practice of silence and meeting with others. It is necessary for each person, monk and nun, bodhisatva, simple practitioner and even beginner to give themselves the time and the means to come and practise with the sangha.

Receiving teachings which lead our view towards our light and peaceful interior and our original softness, this is what allows the gift of love and benevolence. This is coming back to our own heart and giving back that which we receive.

The Zen center of Lanau is ready to receive you this summer.


Other information:

  • Once more from the 1st of September I shall be in Japan, in Sapporo on the island of Hokkaido, for a 3 month ango at Chuoji the temple of Minamizawa Roshi, the vice-Zenji of Eihiji.
  • The general assembly of the Tenbôrin association will take place on the 13th of July in the afternoon. We will talk to you about Sangha, the Association, the Zen Center of Lanau, the efforts which we have already made and the objectives which we envision for continuing to make this place a center where our practice can shine out.
  • Do not forget your subscriptions for 2015 if you have not already paid.

There is still a lot to do to improve the infrastructure and the lodgings in our Center and to put in place the objectives defined in our Charter ( which you can read on the site). We need your presence and your financial aid. Your gifts can be sent by cheque to Tenbôrin or by transfer to Credit Agricole or by PayPal on our internet site.

We hope to see you soon.

With all our best wishes.

Guy Mokuhô and all the residents of Lanau.