Guy’s Wishes for 2014

Hello to all our members and friends of Tenborin.
It’s still the time for good wishes !! So…

May we develop the wisdom and discernment that bring alive the Buddha’s teachings in our everyday lives.

May the compassion and love that are already in our hearts save us from fear; the fear of loss, the fear of the other, the fear of tomorrow.

May we deploy patience and courage to welcome the obstacles in our path and overcome them, while always keeping the freshness of the beginner’s mind.

May we allow the acts of giving, serving and helping others to spring out from the bottom of our hearts, without concern for our own benefit.

May we convey that which we have received from the Buddha and our masters unsparingly and without becoming caught up in triviality.

May we go beyond our differences and work together for our collective good and for that of everyone else.

That these wishes carry your practice throughout this new year.

A newsletter will soon be sent to let you know about the future activities of the Tenborin association and the Lanau zen centre for 2014.

Now you should note that the Lanau zen centre is organising an exceptional session on the Kesa between March 31st and April 6th. It will be led by Jiun Eric Rommeluere and Francoise Kosen Laurent.

This event is unique and so that everybody can come, we are proposing financial concessions.

Please, make it known to your friends and to other members of your dojo.

The session will finish with a day and a half of sesshin.

In friendship,
Guy Mokuhô Mercier.

We need a Tenzo and 6 people for the kitchen. Thank you for letting us know as soon as possible.