Flash News Special No. 4 – Virya: Energy

Flash News Special No. 4 – Virya: Energy

Dear friends of the way and of Tenborin

The present circumstances plunge us in spite of ourselves into a “here-and-now ” we can choose to ignore by staying stuck to media, stress and endless commentaries, or feed with a consciousness which opens up to the beauty of nature (it’s springtime !!) and to the beauty of beings (so many generous daily actions !), that we can welcome anywhere in the silence of our own heart.

I am sure everyone one of us practices attention and generosity as well we can. We’ll have to be patient as the circumstances of the lockdown appear that they could last.

In order not to bounce back on usual media coverage, I have chosen to offer you teachings I am aware are a bit long. But one cannot talk in a few words about the teachings of the Buddha. It was a great pleasure for me to work and synthetize them.

The paramitas I haven chosen to comment upon are really relevant today, and must bring to everyone of you guidelines for reflection and behaviour. Download these “tenboring” and keep these « teihso » for quiet reading in the future.

On the other hand, we are doing our best to organise the future of our sangha and of the zen centre of Lanau. We will keep in touch with you any time things get clearer, and send you information and invitations to practise in respect with everyone‘s safety.

” Continue zazen eternally » used to say our Master Deshimaru when he would leave us to travel to Japan  for a few months. « Authentic practise has no beginning nor end ”

I do hope with all my heart to see you soon.

– Guy Mokuho