Event: Summer Camp 8-16 July 2016

Summer Camp 8-16 July 2016

The First Summer Camp  – July 8-16 2016

The Session

The practice of attention in each moment of the day is at the foundation of the teachings of Buddha. This allows the establishment of inner calm, where our vast and luminous nature can reveal itself. It is ‘to see one’s own mind.

Meditation in the dojo takes place in the ceremonies, samu (activity for others) relationships with others, and also in moments of relaxation. We bring attention to bear on our posture, thoughts and conduct.

Communal practice is designed to bring the practitioners together as a single body, where each person can find both their own place and and space to be free.

Many types of teaching are offered: kusen, oral teachings during meditation; mondo, question and answer; teishos, teachings on Buddhism and the zen tradition; training for the ceremonies and the chanting of zen sutras.


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The Daily Programme

6:30 Wake up
7:00 zazen
9:30 – 10:30 general samu, physical activity if possible ( Yoga, tai chi, relaxation) kesa sewing and ordination workshops
12:30 Lunch
14:30 – 15:30 samu
16:00 – 17:30 zazen and teaching (teisho)
17:30 – 18:30 posture correction, training for the practice of ritual, questions on practice in the dojo, ordination workshops, physical workshop if possible
18:45 Dinner
20:30 zazen
22:30 bedtime

During the session, there will be two days of total silence (3rd and 7th day).

Meetings with the heads of dojos.

The Site and Lodgings

The Zen Centre of Lanau is the culmination of a project which the Zen Tenborin Association, founded by Guy Mokuhō Mercier formulated with the Elders.

Dedicated to zen practice, it is situated in the Cantal, at Lanau-Neuveglise, near Saint-Flour, next to the River Truyère.

A calm place, in the heart of nature, it offers a huge space with large halls for activities and bedrooms for 2-4 people, all with showers and toilets.

What you should bring

  • For zazen : a zafu meditation cushion) and zafuton, (a square pad of 80×80 cm to place under the knees.).
  • For meals : a bowl with a napkin to wrap round it , a small white napkin to clean it and cutlery, wooden if possible.
  • For physical activities (Yoga, Tai chi, relaxation…) : roomy clothing or outer clothing,  a yoga mat.
  • For sleeping : sheets (can be supplied for 10€) or a sleeping bag, and a pillowcase.).


  • The session (9 days) : 340 € (560 € for a couple)
  • Children : free up to 6 years (donation from parents)
  • Children from 6-14 : 120 € (August session)
  • Preparation only : 220 €
  • Sesshin only : 120 €
  • Subscription to Tenbôrin Association : 20 € per year compulsory
  • Reduced prices are possible on request
  • It is possible to camp in your own tent. There are washing facilities available. Price : 260€ for the session
  • Lodging, food and teachings are included. Practitioners will be involved in everyday tasks, samu

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