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Event: Summer Session at Lanau Zen Centre – 7 to 15 August

Summer Session at Lanau Zen Centre – 7 to 15 August

Summer Sessions at the Lanau Zen Centre
10-18 July AND 7-15 August

The Lanau summer sessions are lead by Guy Mokkuho Mercier, assisted by monks and nuns of the sangha.

This summer, we will offer 2 sessions, one in July and one in August. Each will welcome beginners.

During the August session, children will be welcome, and an activity programme will be prepared for them. Through games, workshops, outings in nature and relationships with others, they can discover the teachings and values of Buddhism. They will be accompanied by adults helped by their parents.

Arrive: 6 August – afternoon (Meal at 8pm)
Départ: 16 August – in the morning


After this period of lockdown when all the activities of the sangha were suspended, we’ll be happy to meet you again for the summer sessions. Unless otherwise decided by the government, we’ll be able to organise sessions in July and August. The zen centre of Lanau is particularly well adapted to welcome you in the best conditions.

As indeed we have rooms with independent bathroom and toilets ; and this year as an exception,  we have decided that rooms will be assigned  to  people individually or to couples.

The centre is large enough to make it possible to maintain rules of social distancing well, so you’ll be able to benefit safely from your practise, the teachings and the nature around.

However, we have to restrict the number of participants, and we suggest you sign up as soon as possible.