Event: Summer Session 14 – 22 July, 2023

Summer Session 14 – 22 July, 2023

Summer Sesion 14 – 22 July, 2023

Summer retreats are changing of formula.

This year we are returning to the traditional 9-day session following many requests. There will be a 5 day “preparation” portion of the session (with zazen three tiems a day, teisho (teachings), samu (work practice for the community), and thematic workshops.  This will be followed a day of rest, then a sesshin (more intensive practice).

Living together experience of a retreat.

The practice of Buddha’s way is bringing our attention to each moment of our existence.

Every moment is a good time to experience Bodhisattva practice, which Master Dogen speaks of in Bodaisatta Shishobo: Giving, benevolence, service –  with no separation between self and others. Altruism and living in accord with all beings as a bond. Living together allows us to offer our practice as a gift to others. This gift which neither seeks nor expects anything, but which by stripping itself from self-attachment, opens us up to non-attachment, disregarding the oppositions, withdrawals into self. Open and welcoming, with benevolence, with simplicity.




Sangha Tenborin