Event: Sesshin 22 – 24 April + Tenborin AGM

Sesshin 22 – 24 April + Tenborin AGM

Sesshin at the Lanau Lanau Zen Centre 22 – 24 April, 2021, Including the Tenborin Annual General Meeting

Samu is the practice of daily, collective, work done with the spirit of zazen: kitchen, cleaning, Le samu est la pratique du travail quotidien collectif effectué dans l’esprit de zazen : cuisine, nettoyage, housekeeping, DIY, etc.

This annual event, created in the spring of 2019, aims to gather Sangha Tenborin for days of practice, TOGETHER, with Guy Mokuho Mercier.

This gathering of many, is also an opportunity to hold the Annual General Meeting of the Association of Sangha Tenborin.  This year, after so many months disturbed by long-distance practice, gathering together at Lanau seems even more important.

The first four days are dedicated to the practice of samu, followed by a sesshin of two and a half days. The Annual General Meeting will be on Saturday afternoon, and the presentations will allow everyone to learn more about the various Tenborin Committees and the different “poles” (teams/sub-committees) and projects.

There will also be opportunities for questions, debate, and proposals.

The planned schedule:

6h wakeup
6h30 zazen, ceremony, and walk
8h gen mai (breakfast)
8h30 – 9h15 morning cleaning samu
9h15 – 9h45 coffe / tea – together
10h – 12h samu
12h30 Lunch and rest time
14h30 – 16h samu
16h30 – 17h30 zazen
17h30 -18h30 personal time
18h30 supper
20h zazen
22h bed-time

Practice and Samu Session


  • Saturday 17th April, afternoon , for dinner at 8pm.

Session ends on the evening of 21st April.


  • 22nd, 23rd, and the morning of the 24th of April
  • AGM: Afternoon of 24th April, followed by a pleasant evening gathering


25th April – in the morning

Your Registration

In order to facilitate the preparations for this retreat, please register at least 10 days before your arrival. It is important to also indicate your shuttle needs, diet or any other special request.

Reservation online preferred : par e-mail: secretariat@tenborin.org


Room alone : 10 € per day (according to availability)

Membership is Required
Tenborin Association: 20 € / year