Event: First Zen Meditation Retreat Gendronnière

First Zen Meditation Retreat Gendronnière

Directed by Guy Mokuho Mercier at La  Gendronneire Zen Temple

If you have never had the opportunity to practise zazen, if you would like to participate to a sesshin for the first time, or if yo are willing to reinforce your  way of welcoming new practitioners in your dojo, come and join this two and a  half day sesshin.

Emphasis will be put on sitting itself, (posture, breathing and silent walking), but also on the spirit of the practise and the Way of the Buddha.

Your questions whatever they are will be answered by a zen master (mondo);  you will widen your understanding of sutras and rituals, practise the sounds of  zen in the dojo and take part in the daily life and maintenance of the temple  (samu)