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Editorial – June 2018

Editorial – June 2018

Speaking of old times? They have already passed.
Conjuring up today? Today has already passed.
The vicissitudes of life have no hold over me.
Some think me an idiot, others think me a sage.
Fitting myself to the course of things, time flows away…
I am happy with my life, right up until its end.
It was by chance that I arrived here.
I look back. 5 years already!

~~Master Ryokan.


Clouds pass in the sky, seasons come and go, the years flow by.

Time does its work, as we say, and human works don’t last. They are impermanence itself, rising up in the heart of the void, which we Buddhists consider to be the unchanging Source of phenomena, not-two with our own impermanence.

We have lived a ‘ beautiful’ communal life here in Lanau for more than 5 years. This word ‘beautiful’ includes difficulties around material things or relationships, which have formed the rhythm of daily life of all those who have stayed for a little while at Lanau or who will continue to be there for a while for the practice of the Buddhas. Thanks to all.

Everyone learns impermanence whilst living through changing circumstances, communal life, their own hesitant steps, their contractions and illusions. And doing this, each one wakes to the Truth that each moment brings to them: each one opens to life in the present, beyond the appearance and disappearance of things. Each one gives, or protects themselves, welcomes or closes, exhausts or strengthens themselves, sleeps or awakens and that is how life reveals itself to itself. That’s how it is!

The founders of this project and this Zen Centre have decided to put the building of Lanau up for sale.

Our experiment has been short and original and full of teachings. Nothing can be lost of the efforts which we have made, and the energy expended to make it come to life. It has shown us to ourselves and uncovered the limitations and weaknesses of our enterprise. It has made each of the residents dig deep into their resources and their hearts to practise and develop Buddhist virtues, the paramitas (giving, discipline, effort, attention, discernment) alongside other people.

Some are inclined to talk of failure, but this is not something that is part of the world of the Buddhas, where things transform simply to put us on the right path again and again.

The future is always completely open. If we conform and reply to the will of the cosmos and agree to open our hearts, anything is possible.

The Tenborin association has taken advantage of these circumstances to become better organised in order to pursue the objectives defined in its statutes, with or without Lanau, that is to say, continuing to promote the practice of zen, by organising sesshins, seminars, Summer Camps, meetings… We have already drawn something from the difficult experiment of Lanau, by organising a decentralised secretariat, which has functioned since January. A team of a dozen members  has been put in place to deal with present management, to prepare the future, both in terms of creating and organising sesshins and events, as well as communicating, planning and executing our programme.

We have  some attractive proposals for 2018 and are already preparing for 2019, as we don’t know when the sale of the Centre might happen. Follow and read what we are communicating  and offering to you.

We hope to see you soon at the Zen Centre of Lanau for new meetings and impartial practice. The two summer camps in July and August will be two  lovely occasions to meet and live together the joyful  creative mind of our Tenborin sangha. In the Autumn there will be two exceptional seminars , a Rohatsu in winter and the first sesshin of the New Year at Lanau.

Let us restore our own confidence in the impermanence of things and the practice of zen, which has neither beginning nor end. It manifests the courage of the bodhisattva.

With friendship … zen

Guy Mokuho.