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Donate to the religious association HŌRINJI

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Why Support Horinji?

The Lanau Zen Center has continued in recent years its activity of regular practice, sesshins (almost one every month), and more in-depth teaching sessions on the practice of the Way of the Buddha, the training of monks, nuns and boddhisattvas, especially during OGU seminars. The Center has been a welcoming place since its opening and remains open to all those wishing to deepen the practice of the path of Sôtô Zen, through sesshins, summer sessions, training seminars or during longer stays. all year.

The Horinji religious association, Soto Zen Buddhist Association of the Wheel of Dharma, now exists to promote and administer the activities and spaces of religion and worship at the Lanau Zen Centre. Its mission is to prepare and develop projects for the future. 

As a reminder, the religious association aims to facilitate the Sôtô Zen Buddhist practice and to transmit the teachings of the Buddha, Dogen Zenji, Keizan Zenji and the masters of the Sôtô Zen school.

Hôrinji can receive bequests and donations giving the right to a tax deduction of 2/3 to 3/4 of their amount on the donor’s tax sheet. (French Taxes) These donations will be really welcome for us. They will help those who need to refocus, meditate, deepen the Way and open their bodhisattva heart.
With you, we participate in this movement with helps to ensure some stability in the world by keeping alive the teaching of the Buddha.

HelloAsso Accountallows you to make a donation by a few clicks. For all of your donations, you will receive a tax receipt in the first quarter of the following year. You can of course make a transfer directly to the bank account of the religious association Hôrinji or pay by (french) cheque.

We thank you in advance for your participation and generosity.

With our deepest Gassho,

Rev. Guy Mokuhō Mercier, Soto Zen School Kyoshi

Rev. Jean-Marc Kukan Delom , Président Hôrinji Association

Sangha Tenborin