Newsletter – February 2014

Dear Members and Friends of Tenborin,

Lanau Zen Centre is doing well!!! It is calmly becoming an authentic place of living practice. Life goes smoothly in the Cantal; the rhythm of the days sometimes seems to come from another time.

Every day, the sun rises and sets, from one mountain to another, quite simply playing with the clouds; sometimes with many clouds! And on the slopes of the valley, the trees constantly offer their changing colours. Nature is everywhere alive, ever present, teaching us about the Great Question. However, the practice and daily samu are endless and the days are full. We await you.



mars2014hiver2014Lanau Zen Centre Program

23rd February – 2nd March: Samu session and sesshin

16th March – 23rd March: Samu session and sesshin



kesa201431st March – 6th April : Kesa session

Five exceptional days of teaching about the kesa ! This is a unique opportunity to understand how and why this garment became, through the ages, the living symbol of our practice and of the Zen tradition.

Eric Rommeluère and Françoise Laurent will share with you their knowledge, understanding and faith on what represents “The Buddha’s body and mind” and will respond to all your questions about the kesa.

Please register as soon as possible. We need a Tenzo and an assistant for the kitchen, service and samu. Please let us know as soon as possible if you are interested (there is a chance of a reduced price.)

semaine Sante 2014“Arts et Santé” week in La Gendronnière by Guy Mokuhô (20th – 27th April)

Spring is definitely the best season to come to La Gendronnière!
The seven workshops proposed in the « Arts et Santé » week allow you to pursue and continue Zazen meditation while practising a physical or artistic activity.

The Tenbôrin association is in charge of the “Arts et Santé” session. Please come to help with the samu. Send an email to Emmanuel Barbier if you would like to be in the kitchen with him.


Summer camp in Lanau from the 6th to the 13th July

4 days of preparation and 3.5 days of sesshin. There will be teaching, silent days and ordinations. A leaflet will soon be available.

Parent – Child session from the 6th to the 13 August: a modified summer camp

This session allows parents to practice a summer camp while bringing their children (from 3 until 13-14 years of age). The children will have a proper holiday and their parents can entrust them (from breakfast until diner) to responsible people who will carefully prepare an activity program (hiking in the countryside, etc.). We will show the children, with simplicity, Zazen, Buddhism, its values, its sounds and meaning of the sutras they can hear…

The session is equally open to all who would like to come, with or without children.

For parents who are interested, please let us know before the end of March so we can be make the necessary preparations.

2014 Memberships

If you haven’t already paid, there’s still time!!


We are very grateful for those who have made a fuse to the Tenborin association in 2013 and at the beginning of this year. It is an invaluable help!

As with any kind of project, the first few years of an intergenerational centre like ours are the most difficult. We have to create a new space for a living practice, a new welcome, new lodgings and new rules for our collective life. Our goal is that, in Lanau, every resident and visitor can experience the manifestation of our Boddhistva spirit and live it, while letting go of egoistic self-interest.

Thank you for continuing with your generous help.

You can also make a small donation every month (10 to 50 €) by standing order using either the Tenborin Crédit Agricole or the Paypal account on Tenbôrin website.


The fund to support for those in need of financial aid in order to participate in the sesshin received 2272 € in 2013. We have helped around twenty people to come to the Centre for 1732 €.

Thank you for helping to keep this help alive.

In friendship.

Guy Mokuhō.